12 Crucial Questions To Ask Before Renting a Room in a Salon

October 25, 2022
asking questions before renting a room in a salon

After hours of hard work, learning, and practice, you finally got your license! Congrats!
Now it’s time to put your license to work and start growing your business!

But where do you start, and what do you need to succeed? Well, first thing’s first: you need to find a place to run your business.

If you’re planning on renting a salon suite, you want to make sure that they will have everything you need to run a successful business.

Here are 12 crucial questions to ask before renting a room in a salon.

1. What Are Your Different Salon Suite Rental Prices?

Typically, there are tiered pricing structures. For example, a suite with nice or extra large windows may cost more than the basic single suite.

Some of the questions involving money can be hard, and people don’t want to feel pushy in an interview. But, we strongly believe that tough questions are the best way to figure out if the partnership is the right fit and to ensure everybody is happy.

2. Is There a Security Deposit, and How Much Is It?

While discussing costs, you should also ask the owner about the security deposit. They are generally one month’s rent, but it never hurts to be sure before you sign.

You will also want to confirm whether or not you will get your money back if there are no damages when you leave.

3. What’s Included in the Price?

Next, you want to discuss what will be included in the cost of your rental. Many salon suites will provide the basic necessities, such as chairs or a sink, but there may be other things you are responsible for providing.

For example, you will most likely need to bring your own tools, products, and decorations.

renting a room in a salon


Utilities and security may also be included, so double-check with the owner. It can be surprising how much those additional costs can add up.

4. What Are the Terms & Length of the Lease?

Most office rentals have year leases. But when renting a room in a salon, it’s typically more flexible. You want to make sure the lease terms are clear so there aren’t any hidden fees or rules.

Some details to discuss include:

  • Long-term lease discounts
  • Month-to-month options
  • Lease commitment
  • Specials
  • Breaking the lease
  • Additional fees
  • Wi-Fi
  • Utilities & water

As your partner, our goal is to help you succeed. If you feel as if the partnership isn’t working for you, we just ask for a 45-day notice.

5. Is There an Offical Contract?

Speaking of lease agreements, you want to make sure you have an official contract written up. While you may trust the owner completely, a contract sets expectations and ensures you are protected.

When you rent a salon suite, you are not an employee of the salon- you are considered an independent business owner. Therefore, the salon owner acts as more of a landlord than a boss.

It is crucial that you have all of the paperwork and financial documents needed for filing your taxes.

Additionally, this keeps everything above board so you can be sure the owner isn’t breaking any regulations.

6. What Are the Hours Like?

Depending on the owner and location of the salon, when renting a room in a salon, you may have to adhere to a certain schedule. There may be a maximum or a minimum number of artists allowed to be performing services at a time.

Ask the owner if there are hours of operation or if you will have access to the space 24/7. If there is unlimited access, you want to ensure there are some security measures in place to keep you safe.

7. Can I Customize My Salon Suite Rental? What Are the Restrictions?

Some salon suites have styles or a brand they require their artists to adhere to when designing their room. If getting to express your personality is important, ask the owner if you are allowed to customize your suite.

Some may let you get a little creative but still follow certain regulations while others are fine with you going as crazy as you’d like.

8. What Other Benefits Do You Offer?

This question is what sets premium salon suites apart from basic ones. When a salon suite owner is willing to provide additional services and support, it is a good sign that they will go above and beyond for their artists.

Some benefits to look out for include:

  • Security
  • Marketing assistance
  • Onsite washer & dryer
  • Business building assistance

These types of benefits can make a big difference in the success of your business, saving you time, money, and headaches.

9. Will There Be Any Advertising Support?

Since both your’s and the owner’s success is dependent upon customer flow, they may offer some advertising support.

Whether it’s:

  • Highlighting artists on their social media and website
  • Sharing costs
  • Providing marketing assistance
  • Using their relationships to connect you to a marketing agency

Having the right marketing support can save you time worrying so you can focus on your clients.

10. Is There a Pricing Structure I Need To Adhere to for My Services and Product Sales?

Some salon suites have specific pricing structures for all services performed by artists. This can leave you having to charge your customers way less than you think your time and skills are worth.

Additionally, there may be rules on what products you can sell and for how much. If you want the freedom to price your service and retail products however you like, this would be an important question to ask before signing anything.

selling prodcuts when renting a room in a salon

11. Where Is the Salon Located?

It’s all about location, location, location. Many clients won’t want to go to a place that is too out of their way or in a bad area.

Additionally, if they can go to their appointment while out doing errands or their other treatments, that can be a bonus. For example, a place where they can get their nails, hair, eyebrows, and more done can be a big draw for clients.

12. What Is the Studio’s Size?

Some artists thrive in bustling offices with lots of noise and excitement while others prefer smaller boutique salons. If you do not have the opportunity to tour the salon before making an agreement, getting as much information about the dimensions of the salon and your room is crucial.

This can help you get an idea of how many artists you will be working with and begin planning how you will design your room.

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