How To Decorate a Salon Studio: 9 Tips for Customizing Your Salon, Tattoo, or Beauty Suite

September 30, 2022

First impressions are important for any business, and your suite can say a lot about you to your customers. 

From the second your customer walks into the studio to them paying at the front desk, they expect an amazing experience. 

Carefully customizing your suite can help you:

  • Make the space feel bigger
  • Express your personality
  • Enhance your customers’ experience 
  • Incorporate your branding
  • Stand out from the competition

How can I decorate a studio to impress my customers and make my studio stand out? Here are 9 tips for customizing your suite!

1. Keep It Light

Lighting can set a tone for your studio, improve overall mood, and increase productivity. Plus, nothing makes your work look better than good lighting!

Types of lighting: 

  • Task Lighting
  • Vanity Lamps 
  • Accent Lights
  • Ambient Lights
  • Natural lighting 

Incorporating fun lighting can also be a way to add some personalization to your suite. Currently, neon light letters are trending and can be a great photo op for your customers. 

You should also set up good lighting, or a ring light, in a designated spot for before-and-after photos. 

Hair salon suites in Orlando Florida

2. Create Defined Spaces

Depending on what service you provide, your clients may appreciate privacy. Having a closed-off space to do tattoos, waxing, or massages can make your clients feel more comfortable. 

If you have a double suite that is larger, you can create multiple spaces within your suite. For example, add an extra chair if your customer has a friend waiting and make a little waiting space.

3. Select a Focal Point

Want to keep your suite from being boring? Worried about over-compensating with too much going on?

Then meet in the middle with a focal point! Adding a fun mirror or a pop of color on a wall can capture your customer’s eyes and give them something fun to look at while getting their hair, eyebrows, or tattoos done.

Salon Studio in Orlando FL | how to decorate a studio

4. Show Off Your Style

When you work in a creative field, many of your clients probably picked you because they liked your style. Customizing your suite with fun decor can show off your personality and let your customers get to know you.

Plus, it is great for branding! If you are known for something, incorporate it into your salon decor. This can help build your brand identity and increase your brand awareness. 

Having a unique suite can make you stand out from your competition and keep you at the top of your customer’s minds.

5. Stay Clutter Free

You want your customers to think you have everything together, even when you don’t. When your suite gets cluttered with your salon decor or even your tools, it can make your suite look like a hot mess. 

Having too much clutter can not only be overstimulating for your customer, but it can also make the entire place feel small and cramped. You can clear up clutter by getting drawers or organizational bins from The Container Store

Additionally, staying clutter-free can help you be more productive! There is nothing worse than having your client sit there while you go on a scavenger hunt for a brush. 

6. Display Your Products 

First off, if your salon suite does not let you sell products, find a new suite. 

Tastefully display your products on shelves to help you upsell! If you keep the shelf close by, you can point out the products you are using on your client and let them know that they can buy some of their own to take home. 

Make sure your products are well organized and the shelf is not too cluttered. You can even add signage to clearly identify the benefits of your products.

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7. Take Note of the Little Details 

The smallest touches can take your suite from drab to fab! When your client sees that y

ou care about the details when designing your suite, they will know you will do the same for them. 

Some smaller things you can think about including are: 

  • Purse/coat hooks 
  • Full-length mirrors 
  • Artwork 
  • Entertainment
  • Photo station

You can also keep a fridge full of beverages or a heater for warm towels to pamper your clients and make their visit feel like a full experience.

8. Get Creative With Colors

Adding a pop of color to your suite is a great way to stand out and add some fun! When it is too monochromatic, it can feel very sterile and bland. 

This doesn’t mean everything has to be colorful. You can strategically place a little color throughout your suite with an accent wall or with colorful furniture.

If you have branding that uses a specific color, you can add it to your salon decor to help stay consistent. Or you can pick a color palette that you think best exemplifies your personality.

9. Remain Relevant

Design trends are always evolving, and if you want to stay relevant, your suite needs to too! This reassures your clients that you are modern and stay up-to-date on trends. 

For instance, florals and greenery are currently very popular for all types of businesses. You can go small and add some plants around your suite or go big and add a whole greenery wall. 

One popular trend at tattoo studios currently is mystery tattoo machines. This is when your customer can put a quarter in the machine and a surprise tattoo design comes out. 

No matter what type of service you provide, staying on top of trends will keep you ahead of your competition.

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