Creator Spotlight: Professional Tattoo Artist Isaias Rosario

May 01, 2023
professional tattoo artist Isaias Rosario

Another talented artist in the books! This time around, we interviewed professional tattoo artist Isaias Rosario to get a feel for how he got into the industry.professional tattoo artist work

Isaias says that artistic blood runs in his family, so it’s no surprise that he likes to dabble in different creative fields like singing and drawing. As he grew older, he began working in the makeup industry. But, during his 18-year career in makeup, Isaias was drawing on the side. His friends told him that he was incredibly talented and should consider pursuing tattoo artistry.

While he was very successful in his career of selling makeup, he always knew that he had a passion for art. So, when he decided to experiment with tattooing, he instantly knew that it was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

“It was very easy for me to adapt to this new stage of my life,” he said.

The first tattoo Isaias ever made was on himself, and the design was Link’s shield from The Legend of Zelda. Once he received training and graduated from the Florida Tattoo Academy in Orlando, he officially began his career as a professional tattoo artist.

When asked to describe his artistic style, Isaias said he does a little bit of everything. He doesn’t want his work to be boxed into one when there are so many beautiful styles to explore.

“If I had to describe my work,” Isais said, “I would say that what best describes me as an artist is how beautiful and clean my lines are. I think that is what clients look for in an artist, the sharp lines.”

And, because he is such a big Harry Potter fan, his favorite tattoo he has given so far was a piece that depicted the character Hermione.

The biggest challenge Isaias has encountered in the tattoo industry is adapting to each tattoo style. Also, it can be difficult to transmit all of the ideas that a client has in mind onto their skin.

Having the right environment to concentrate in is very important for artists. Isaias said that his ideal environment to work in is the one in which he works now at My Creative Studios.

“I am my own boss with my own rules and schedule,” he said.

According to Isaias, there is a lot of demand in this industry right now. His advice to someone who is considering entering into the industry is to follow their passion.

“If they are passionate about tattoos, then they should take the risk,” Isaias said.

Like many entrepreneurial artists, Isaias primarily uses social media and Google to obtain clients. To view more of his work or contact him directly, visit “Isaias Ink” on Instagram or Google!

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