Creator Spotlight: Certified Esthetician Mairet Bustillos

June 16, 2023

We’re back with another Creator Spotlight! This time, we interviewed Mairet Bustillos, who is a certified esthetician practicing in Florida, and her passion for herMariet Bustillos certified esthetician profession is truly inspiring.

She moved to the United States four years ago and has since trained with many industry professionals to learn and improve her skills. However, Mairet mentioned that she worked in beauty salons in her native country from a very young age.

When we asked what inspired her to enter into the beauty industry, she said her vocation has always been related to beauty.

“The desire to change self-esteem,” she said. “To make others feel beautiful with their own physical aspects, transforming them into a better version of themselves, to see their happy faces— That is my greatest motivation.”

Now that Mairet is settled as a certified esthetician in the sunny state of Florida, she says the one beauty product she couldn’t live without is “definitely sunscreen,” and we couldn’t agree more.

certified esthetician brow serviceWhile eyebrows are her specialty, she also loves eyelash lifting and facials. “Without a doubt, eyebrow lamination with or without tint is one of my favorites,” she said.

Mairet mentioned that her greatest challenge in this profession is working to change the minds of her clients so that they feel confident in how they look to positively influence their day to day lives.

She loves being able to pursue her passion for beauty while also making new friends and beautifying her clients. The best part about running her own business, she says, is generating her own income on her own schedule and working independently at the same time.

Mairet’s ideal work environment is “a cozy and quiet space for my clients to feel comfortable,” which is how she ended up at My Creative Studios.certified esthetician studio

As with many small business owners, Mairet believes that social media is a great way to grow a business. Instagram is one of her personal favorite platforms, and she uses it to showcase her work and advertise her business.

Finally, we asked Mairet what advice she would give to someone starting a career in the beauty industry. She said, “Do not be afraid to undertake challenges and trust in yourself.” Very wise words from an experienced esthetician!

Be sure to check out Mairet’s work on Instagram, Facebook, and Google, and stay tuned for the next Creator Spotlight!

(Quotations translated from Spanish to English)

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