Creator Spotlight: Face Specialist Kayonara Barros

February 14, 2023

To continue our creator spotlight series, this month we had the pleasure of interviewing Kayonara Barros. As a licensed full face specialist, there is nothing Kayonara can’t do.

From brows and lashes to lips and hair, Kayonara is a superhero when it comes to beauty. She has been working as a full specialist for 7 years and began her training when she lived in Brazil. creator spotlight Kayonara Barros

When we asked what inspired her to start working in the beauty industry, Kayonara said she loved to see how her services boost peoples’ self-esteem, and we can see why.

All of her clients leave the studio feeling beautiful and glowy, which is no surprise since she has over 150 5-star reviews. But, as with most entrepreneurs, her success did not come easily.


“When I started here in the U.S.,” she said, “I didn’t have the clients I had in Brazil.”

So, she had to put in the work to grow her client base here in America, and social media is one of the best ways to promote businesses from scratch.

Kayonara primarily uses Instagram to reach her target audience, and she has gained over 12.6k followers on her account.

Her favorite service to perform is anything for lashes and brows, and she offers 14 different brow and lash treatments that can glamorize any look. A unique specialty that she offers is the Swarovski lash service which will make your eyes sparkle… literally.


When asked the hard-hitting question of what beauty product she couldn’t live without, Kayonara couldn’t just pick one. She has her own line of beauty products, Kayonara Beauty Studios, that she uses on a daily basis.

If you look right, you can see her using the foaming lash shampoo from her beauty line.

Kayonara’s favorite part about running her own business is making her studio at My Creative Studios a welcoming and beautiful place for her customers, so they leave satisfied with both the service and the environment.


“I love seeing the reactions after the finished job,” she said.

Kayonara sure knows how to treat her customers right, especially because she also offers sweet treats to the customers. Her craft cappuccinos make every visit to her studio like a dream.

Her advice to those considering a career in the beauty industry is to, “Never give up on achieving your goals.” Although it may be discouraging at first, the rewards will make it worth it.

“You’ll go far, but it’s up to you!” she said.

To help people get their foot in the door, Kayonara provides training sessions for those looking to learn how to specialize in eyebrow and eyelash services.


For a list of all the services Kayonara offers, visit her website. You can also check out her work on her social media channels!


Kayonara Barros Beauty Studio


Keep up with our blog and follow for more beauty studio insights, and don’t forget to stay tuned for the next creator spotlight!


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To kick off the My Creative Studios creator spotlight series, we interviewed the award-winning artist Calypso G. to learn about how she began her journey as a tattoo artist.

Artist Calypso G.

With specialties in watercolor, blackwork, geometric, floral, neo-traditional, and coverup tattoos, Calypso has been able to explore different styles and determine which techniques suit her best.

Art always had a special place in her heart. Calypso describes herself as a multimedia artist, and she has dipped her toes in a number of media, including fine arts painting, ceramics, oil painting, and more.

After she graduated college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and a concentration in painting, she fell into face painting.

While working as a face painting artist at Disney World, Calypso was able to combine her passions of fantasy artistry and painting. It was at Disney that she met her future mentor.

After seeing her face painting skills, the mentor offered her an apprenticeship as a tattoo artist. In October of 2018, Calypso gave her first ever tattoo to her husband.

“In college, my intentions were to pursue an art therapy degree,” Calypso says. “Obviously, the universe had other plans for me, but having that knowledge has really helped me in my tattoo career.”

Award-winning Medusa tattoo

Now, with four and a half years of professional experience under her belt, Calypso says that memorial tattoos are one of her favorite requests to work with. She also says that her favorite tattoo she has given is her award winning Medusa tattoo.

“When I create art for myself,” says Calypso, “I lean more into nature, spiritual, and fantasy type pieces.”

When asked about the challenges she faces as a tattoo artist, Calypso says that coverups are her biggest, yet most rewarding challenge.

“I am a big believer in art therapy,” she says. “I feel that a lot of people express themselves both physically and mentally through the use of art in tattoos. Collaborating with my clients’ ideas and my style is a fun way for me to stay inspired.”

Calypso emphasizes how having a relaxed and enjoyable tattoo studio is important to making her clients feel comfortable.

“I want the environment to be calm, clean, and welcoming,” Calypso says.

Her customized studio, located at My Creative Studios in Orlando, is oasis themed to coincide with her whimsical artistry.

creative studio

Since Calypso has gained a significant following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, she finds most of her clients through social media and attending music festivals.

Finally, to conclude our interview, Calypso wanted to share some advice for those considering a career in the tattoo industry.

“Practice makes perfect,” she says. “Most apprenticeships aren’t easy to come by, so the best way to get one is to have a strong portfolio that showcases your artistic skill and understanding of tattoo styles and history.”

Now, Calypso is the owner of The Mermaids Muse tattoo shop. Check out more of her work on her social media!

@calypso_tattoos  @themermaidsmuse  The Mermaid Tattooer  themermaidtattooer

         rib tattoo          leg tattoo

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